Information on the ship Laura, traveling via Canada in April-May 1862

The advertisement listed below appeared in a Limburg weekly newspaper on April 12, 1862.
In this add passengers of the ship Laura thank their shipping agent for the good treatment
on his ship on their voyage to America.
The LAURA left Antwerp on April 3, 1862, travelled via Canada and landed in Quebec on May 29, 1862.
From there the passenger travelled through Wisconsin to Minnesota, arriving June 19, 1862.
Most of the thankful passengers listed are Limburgers. After arrival in Minnesota the undersigned
P. J. Van Mulken wrote a letter home to his son. In this letter he discribes the yourney (see Emigrant Letters).



We the under signed, Passengers on board of
the ship LAURA, captain Blanke, are prepared to
declare, that the treatment we received from Mister
A. Strauss, shipping agent at Antwerp, is completely
according the promises he made to us about this.
On board everything is as we wished for, as well as food,
accommodation on the ship, as everything else is as we
wished for. We recommend all those who intend to travel
after us to America, to apply to Mister Adolf Strauss,
shipping-agent and chartering-agent at Antwerp.
On board of the ship LAURA captain Blanke, Antwerp April 4, 1862.

P. J. Van Mulken
Godfr. Schepers
P. J. Jeurissen
Hendrik Moonen
W. A. Aretz
Kaspar Jansen
Hendrik Vogten
P. J. Meuleners
Leonard Stelten

Weekly Newspaper “Mercurius”, April 12, 1862

The newspaper clipping underneath is shared with me by Barbara Schepers Kujawa,
a 2nd great-granddaughter of Godfried Schepers from Nieuwstadt who sailed with this
Bark Laura in 1862 from Antwerp to Canada to travel from there on to Minnesota.

Quebec Mercury 29 May 1862 Bark Laura

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