Passagierslijst schip Cwilta, Antwerpen – New York, aankomst 8 Augustus 1862

List or Manifest of all the Passengers taken on board the Austrian Ship Cwilta
whereof G.M. Cosulich is Master,
from Antwerp, arrival New York 8 Aug 1862

NameAge / YearsAge / MonthsSexOccupationThe Country to which they severally belongThe Country of which they intend to become inhabitantsDied on the Voyage
Eliza Bloy37fGermanyUS
Joh. Maier30mnot stated,,,,
Anna Maier24f,,,,
Cath. Maier011f,,,,
Joh. Goebel42mnot statedGermanyUS
Gert. Goebel37f,,,,
Cath. Goebel17f,,,,
Mich. Goebel14m,,,,
Nick Goebel8m,,,,
Ann Goebel6f,,,,
Johan Braun36mnot statedGermanyUS
Anna Braun49f,,,,
Maria Braun20f,,,,
Joh. Braun10m,,,,
Cath. Braun5f,,,,
Chr. Braun09f,,,,
Johan Schaefer39mnot statedGermanyUS
Anna Schaefer41f,,,,
Maria Schaefer10f,,,,
Susan Schaefer4f,,,,
Steph. Dietrich34mnot statedGermanyUS
Maria Dietrich35f,,,,
Ann Dietrich10f,,,,
Math. Dietrich7m,,,,
Joh. Dietrich3m,,,,
Joseph Hoffmann30mnot statedGermanyUS
Eur. Daneels22mnot statedGermanyUS
Grart Daneels32mnot statedGermanyUS
Math. Gelzenbach50mnot statedGermanyUS
Susan Gelzenbach18f,,,,
Joh. Gelzenbach16m,,,,
Marg. Gelzenbach12f,,,,
Joh. Gelzenbach10m,,,,
Cath. Bhasei19fGermanyUS
W.. Gelzenbach25mnot statedGermanyUS
Anna Gelzenbach24f,,,,
Mich. Gelzenbach17mnot stated,,,,
Math. Gelzenbach10m,,,,
Charl. Gelzenbach3m,,,,
Joh. Gelzenbach18m,,,,
Chr. Demneuld34mnot statedGermanyUS
Sebiler Demneuld51mnot statedGermanyUS
Gert. Demneuld22mnot statedGermanyUS
Wm. Demneuld15m,,,,
Hein. Demneuld18m,,,,
Gert. Demneuld7f,,,,
Bend. Mullenberg31mnot statedGermanyUS
Anna Mullenberg33f,,,,
Wm. Mullenberg4m,,,,
Jacob Miltz36mnot statedGermanyUS
Gert. Miltz27f,,,,
Cath. Miltz010f,,,,
Ant. Verling42mnot statedGermanyUS
Bert. Edlers34fGermanyUS
Cath. Edlers7f,,,,
Joh. Muller50mnot statedGermanyUS
Cath. Muller7f,,,,
Soph. Weber50fnot statedGermanyUS
Carol. Weber23f,,,,
Ros(wi)ta Weber16f,,,,
Phil. Domlet28mnot statedGermanyUS
Cath. Domlet26f,,,,
Fred. Domlet2m,,,,
Cath. Domlet010f,,,,
Abm. Reidenbach50mnot statedGermanyUS
Cath. Reidenbach50f,,,,
Cath. Reidenbach24f,,,,
Maria Reidenbach17f,,,,
Joh. Reidenbach13m,,,,
Anna Marton39fGermanyUS
Petr. Merchert42mnot statedGermanyUS
Maria Merchert38f,,,,
Joh. Merchert12m,,,,
Marg. Merchert10f,,,,
Egn. Merchert8m,,,,
Eva Merchert6f,,,,
Ad. Schilling41mnot statedGermanyUS
Marg. Schilling41f,,,,
Cath. Schilling18f,,,,
Fred. Schilling3m,,,,
Cath. Reuter27fnot statedGermanyUS
Marg. Schmitz16fGermanyUS
Evert Mayers27mnot statedGermanyUS
Hein Franzer32mnot statedGermanyUS
Ant. Schrew30mnot statedGermanyUS
Joh. Benter16mnot statedGermanyUS
Ferd. Boreman41mnot statedGermanyUS
Jos. Boreman38f,,,,
Jules Boreman11m,,,,
Riff. Boreman10m,,,,
Ernst Boreman7m,,,,
Jean Boreman5m,,,,
Julie Boreman3f,,,,
Marie Boreman1f,,,,
Marie Boreman01f,,,,
Irs. Leclercq19mnot statedGermanyUS
Ad. Duren21mnot statedGermanyUS
Anna M. Duren28f,,,,
Bernd. Duren19mnot stated,,,,
Anna Deutzman46fnot statedGermanyUS
Odilia Deutzman16f,,,,
Wm. Deutzman13m,,,,
Pet. A. Zummer52mnot statedGermanyUS
Cath. Zummer42f,,,,
Joh. Zummer21mnot stated,,,,
Aug. Zummer18mnot stated,,,,
Eliz. Zummer13f,,,,
Gert. Zummer7f,,,,
Cath. Zummer5f,,,,
Joh. Zummer2m,,,,
Math. Fieler18mcookGermanyUS
Adol. Nerrori25mGermanyUS
Pet. Bauer24mGermanyUS
Joseph Bauer23mGermanyUS
Felix Vencotte28mGermanyUS
Esther Gorboye22fGermanyUS
Math. Konst21mcookGermanyUS

Weergaven: 199