Passagierslijst schip Magdalene, Antwerpen – New York, aankomst 2 September 1862

Master: H. Henke
Burthen: 1274 Tons
From: Antwerp to New York
Arrival: Sept 2, 1862

NamesAge / YearsAge / MonthsSexOccupationThe Country to which they severally belongThe Country of which they intend to become inhabitantsDied during the voyage
Johann Michels33mfarmerPrussiaU States
Marg: Michels22fPrussiaU States
Ann Mans25fPrussiaU States
Cath: Han56fPrussiaU States
Marg: Dauffenbach18fPrussiaU States
Adam Leubert31mmecheBavariaU States
Wm: Brown36mseamanU StatesU States
Fried Livenbruk22mmerchtPrussiaU States
Jean Variens58mfarmerGermanyU States
Mariette Variens40fGermanyU States
Johannes Variens16mGermanyU States
Wilhelm Variens13mGermanyU States
Hubertus Variens11mGermanyU States
Louis Variens76mGermanyU States
Augustus Variens5mGermanyU States
Vollaier Variens3mGermanyU States
Reiner Savelkoul35mfarmerGermanyU States
Wilhelm Barthel34mmechePrussiaU States
Peter Barthel7mPrussiaU States
Margaretha Barthel5fPrussiaU States
Wilhelmina Barthel36fPrussiaU States
Amalia Barthel2fPrussiaU States
Wilhelm Barthel-11mPrussiaU States
Magdalena Leidner26fPrussiaU States
Aug: Wachter20mlabrPrussiaU States
Bernd Niesen38mfarmerPrussiaU States
Marg: Niesen37fPrussiaU States
Marg: Niesen5fPrussiaU States
Thos: Berneck36mPrussiaU States
Jacob Deiomer27mmechePrussiaU States
Francis Mahler28mmecheGermanyU States
Mich: Niesen43mfarmerPrussiaU States
Mich: Niesen51mPrussiaU States
Anna Niesen50fPrussiaU States
Anna Niesen24fPrussiaU States
Peter Niesen15mPrussiaU States
Bernd Niesen13mPrussiaU States
Cath: Niesen7fPrussiaU States
Arnold Verkennis47mfarmerGermanyU States
Maria Verkennis44fGermanyU States
Maria Verkennis17fGermanyU States
Caspar Verkennis15mGermanyU States
Anna Verkennis12fGermanyU States
Leon: Verkennis11mGermanyU States
Jean Verkennis10mGermanyU States
Maria Verkennis7fGermanyU States
Johanna Verkennis4fGermanyU States
Johann Verkennis2mGermanyU States
Joh: Jr Verkennis-11mGermanyU States
Hubertus Verkennis-1mGermanyU States
Lambert Swillen34mfarmerGermanyU States
Johanna Swillen34fGermanyU States
Susanna Swillen13fGermanyU States
Gertd: Swillen3fGermanyU States
Maria Wallraven50fGermanyU States
Robt: Jung21mmerchtPrussiaU States
Ch: E: Adams28mmasterU StatesU States
Frank F: Gibbs24mmerchtU States
John (Criney)29mseamanU States

Visits: 173